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THE LINCOLN PROJECT, a five-part verité docu-series for Showtime, captures the Icarus-like rise and fall of America’s fastest growing Super PAC during the 2020 Presidential Election. During six months of exclusive access, our cameras followed these former Republican political operatives and strategists as they pursued their stated goal to “defeat Trumpism.” However, in the wake of their triumph as a major force in the 2020 election cycle, no one could have predicted their subsequent implosion. Plagued by scandals and secrets, these political gunslingers, before our cameras, turned their weapons on each other.

Episodes 1, 2 and 3 edited by Christopher White, ACE
Directed by Karim Amer and Fisher Stevens
Produced by Alexander Hyde with Mikaela Beardsley, Allison Berg, Judy Korin and Amy Redford.

A Production by The Othrs
In Association with Bloomfish Productions and Impact Partners

Premiered October 2022 / Streaming on Paramount+ / Showtime