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After 50 years of silence, Bob Bechtel, a seemingly average professor and father, decides now is the time to reveal to his family and friends a long-buried secret. In 1955, as a Swarthmore undergraduate, Bob shot and killed a sleeping dorm mate, a reaction to years of being bullied. This revelation creates repercussions within his family, amongst his friends and sends shockwaves well beyond his community.

A Reveal Productions Film
Directed by Macky Alston
Co-Directed and Edited by Christopher White
Produced by Sandra M. Itkoff
Cinematography by Dyanna Taylor
Score by Roger Neill and Kronos Quartet

Toronto Film Festival World Premiere 2006
Hamptons Film Festival 2007
Full Frame Film Festival 2007
Sydney Film Festival 2007 and numerous other film festivals
Broadcast on Discovery 2007
Emmy Nomination for Best Documentary 2008

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