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CIRCUS KID captures the spirit, the lunacy, the daring, the danger and the dynamics of growing up in a circus family. Lorenzo Pisoni explores the unconventional father/son relationship he has with his father, Larry Pisoni, founder of the Pickle Family Circus. The Pickles were one of the earliest circus troupes to integrate theater into circus arts and paved the way for Cirque Du Soleil and dozens of other successful companies. But artistic daring and success also brings sacrifice and possible familial destruction. When Larry leaves the circus, Lorenzo is left alone, at age 12, in the center ring…

Directed by Lorenzo Pisoni
Produced by Sarah Dessault, Jennifer Westfeldt, Eden Wurmfeld, Jon Hamm, William Rexler III, and Lorenzo Pisoni
Executive Produced by Karen Lehner and Daniel Radcliffe
Edited by Sarah Devorkin
Additional Editing by Christopher White

2016 DocNYC Film Festival
2016 Mill Valley Film Festival
2016 Woodstock Film Festival
2017 Florida Film Festival
2017 Berkshire Film Festival

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